My Story and Philosophy

I am passionate about helping people of all ages become more fit, eat more wisely and feel amazing. I love helping people connect with exercises that serve them well in life today and in the future. My desire is to help you feel your best, protect yourself from diseases, and reduce or avoid injuries through healthy foods and movement.


How do I know I can help you? It's simple. I have done it for myself. My story is proof.

Growing up in Colorado, I was always active. But, I had problems. I grew up eating processed, sugar-laden foods. By the time I was an adult I was a sugar addict. Food was my escape. I gained 60 pounds in my first pregnancy and was shocked that nine months after I gave birth I still have over 30 pound to love. My wellness journey began at that point. I decided that I was not going to "just diet." I was going to learn how to eat right and exercise. I lost of total of 60 pounds, and I kept it off! I can help you do the same.

My weight loss wasn't because I ate less. I improved how (and what) I ate. My fitness wasn't because I worked out more. I improved how I worked out. I can show you how to do what I did. With a little guidance and support, it's a lot easier, and a lot more fun, than you might think.

Through it all, here is what I have learned: Each of us must take ownership of who we are and what we contribute to our families, society and ourselves. I am now living the best possible life I could ever imagine. It feels good to wake up and have my health, my loving family and a genuine gratitude for the simple things in life.

I have the best job! I get to help clients live their best lives ever imaging, young and old!