Health Coaching

Feeling good means doing good things for your body. While being and staying fit is a part of that, it's not the only aspect of health. What you eat and drink affects you far more than you might know and dramatically affects your success in reaching your goals, from body composition to disease protection. I can help you explore your health and wellbeing in several ways.



I specialize in one-on-one health coaching sessions customized to help you reach your wellness goals. I can work with your practitioner to incorporate their advice into a sustainable and actionable life program. Often, making changes to behavior requires retraining one's brain to maximize its neuroplasticity. It's hard to accomplish alone. Having an expert by your side with proven tools and strategies makes it easier. It will consult with you on both food planning and progress tracking.​


We are all bioindivideal. Functional medicine is based on an individual's particular needs.

Let me help you manage your food plans and customize them to fit your personal needs and goals. Below are just some of the food plans I am trained in:


-Eat the Rainbow with the phytonutrient food plan




-Mitochondria food plan for energy

-Macronutrient ratios for the physique you want.

I offer body composition measuring for fat-to-muscle mass. This is useful information regarding what macronutrient ratios you need to eat in order to look and feel the way you want. We are all different and need to eat different quantities of each macronutrient. I can help you protect against disease, gain or lose specific weight–either fat or muscle–and finally understand what the right quantity of food is for your body.

Overeating/undereating is just one category that can sabotage your ability to achieve optimal wellness. What you eat is crucial to your health. I can help you understand how macronutrients are helping or hurting your goals. Additional fee: $75.








Hungry for nutrition, fitness or general wellness information? Seeking practical how-to steps for healthier living in the real world? Let me create a workshop for you and your group.

Past workshop topics include:

-Incorporating healthier foods into your daily meals

-Understanding how certain foods work well for your body while others do not

Translating food labels to make the best decisions for yourself and your family

Learning how past behavior is getting in your way of optimal wellness and how to make small changes that create transformation

-Food journals in the function medicine realm

Email me for more info on setting up a  custom workshop for you and your group.


Want to feel great in just 10 or 21 days?

I guide several 10 and 21 day detoxification programs throughout the year. We all experience times not-so-optimal eating, moving and sleeping.

Three to four times a year it is necessary to give your body a break for everyday habits and indulge in only the best foods, movement, and support you can give yourself through these highly effective and researched detox programs.

The detox programs are laid out step by step and personalized by me for you specifically. Having a health coach walk the journey with you will keep you accountable and feeling supported and successful.

After either the 10 or 21 detox programs, you can expect to have gained several if not all of the following benefits:

- Weight loss in fat, no muscle

-Optimal sleep

-Blood sugar regulation

-Adrenal repair and a lowered cortisol response

-Mindfulness and a sense of being grounded, not so busy and run down

-Increased serotonin response/better mood

-Improved immunity

-Improved gut health and healthier digestion

-Reduced inflammation

-Reduced fatigue

-Reduced stress and/or anxiety

-Reduced blood pressure

-Reduced or eliminated cravings for foods that do not serve you

-Feeling of empowerment over your life while no longer being controlled by food and addicting substances such as sugars, caffeine and alcohol

Email me and sign up for my next upcoming detox.