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Heavy Weights

Weather you want to train for an event, slim down for summer or bulk up your physique, I can help you get there with proper programming, supportive coaching and sustainable lifestyle changes. 

Below is a description of the variety of people/groups I have had the pleasure working with: 

  • Athletes who have committed to playing collegiate level sports.

  • Students/youth who want to workout but aren't interested in sports. 

  • Many patients who require training post physical therapy. I collaborate with physical therapists and doctors to create an optimal program for the patient. 

  • Mom's who desire to get in shape and stay in shape while managing a busy life.

  • Dozens of teachers who simply needed a stress management outlet (we do a lot of boxing!).

  • Working professionals with little time to dedicate to fitness. Efficient and effective programming is a must.

  • Men and women dedicated to a complete physique overhaul. 12 week programs available. 

  • Former collegiate athletes desiring to get back into shape post college.

  • Elderly desiring to gain muscle, bone mass, increase mobility and maintain independent living.



Train with a buddy

Let's face it. Training with your bestie or bro is the best. We are all busy. So that hour you would have spent at the gym fighting for equipment can now be spent in good company while getting your butt kicked together!

Call for pricing on tandem and small group training at my studio.



Personal Training 

Single session: $85

4 sessions: $320 ($80/session)

8 sessions: $600 ($75/session)

12 session: $840 ($70/session)


12 Week Programs

I have designed various 12 week programs that offer a comprehensive exercise library, video demonstrations of exercises, body caliper testing for composition and metabolic rate, detailed nutritional guidelines and supportive coaching. 

You must call and get screened to ensure this is the right match for you. 

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